Telecom Fundamentals

Detailed Outlines

Course Outlines

  • What is the telecommunication?  
  • Telecommunication History
  • Analogue and digital signals
  • Signal to noise ratio  
  • Losses and attenuation
  • AM, FM, PM modulation
  • FDM, TDM & WDM Multiplexing  
  • Networks topologies
  • Basics of copper cabling
  • Basics of fiber optics
  • Basics of wireless technologies
  • Characteristic Impedance
  • Bandwidth
  • Introduction to TCP/IP

Objectives and Pre-requisites

Course Objectives

  • Knowledge Telecom basics & History
  • Understanding the signals modulation
  • Recognize the different between analogue and digital signals
  • Understanding the meaning and the types of multiplexing
  • Understanding the losses and attenuation
  • Basics Knowledge of cabling systems, copper and Fiber optics
  • Understanding the SNR
  • Basics Knowledge of wireless technology


  • No pre-requisites needed



Classroom training
Duration: 2 days
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Course Schedule:
Egypt, Upon Request
Dubai, Upon Request
Qatar, Upon Request

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