Fiber Optics Installation Technician

Detailed Outlines

Course Outlines

1‐ Fiber Optic Fundamentals

2‐ Fiber Optic Types

3‐ Fiber Optic Losses

4‐ Fiber Optic Cables (Actual Samples)

5- Fiber Optic Accessories (Actual Samples)

6- Fiber Optic Cable Installation Procedures(Field Simulation)

7- Fiber Optic Safety

8‐ Fiber Optic Assembly (Hands-on training)

9- Fiber Optic Cleaning and connector inspection (Hands-on training)

10‐ Fiber Optic Testing (Hands-on training)

Objectives and Pre-requisites

Course Objectives

  • Knowledge of the fiber optic basics    
  • Recognize the types of fiber optic
  • Preparing and installation the fiber optic cables    
  • Knowledge of fiber optic accessories
  • Installing low loss fusion splicing    
  • Termination Fiber Optic Connector  & Inspect it
  • Testing the fiber optic with power meter and OTDR    
  • Certifying and troubleshooting installed links for maximum reliability


The knowledge and skills you must have before attending this course are as follows:

  • Basic knowledge of Telecommunication Fundamentals



Classroom training
Duration: 5 days
Price: US$ ----

Course Schedule:
Egypt, Upon Request
Dubai, Upon Request
Qatar, Upon Request

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