IP Transfer Point (ITP)

Detailed Outlines

Course Outlines

This comprehensive course gives you the skills to configure, maintain and troubleshoot the Cisco ITP product and its features. Legacy SS7 will be discussed and compared to SS7oIP (Sigtran). The Signalling Gateway Manager (SGM), the Cisco product for managing and monitoring the Cisco ITP solution, will also be covered in depth.

You will become familiar with SS7 operations over an IP network through M2PA and how IP-based SS7 applications work with the Cisco ITP product through the use of protocols such as M3UA or SUA.

  • Cisco ITP Generic Overview
  • IOS Basics
  • SS7 Overview
  • SS7oIP Features and Functions
  • Global Title Translation
  • Designing an ITP Network
  • ITP Multi-Instances
  • Multi-Layer Routing
  • ITP Maintenance, Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • M3UA and SUA
  • High-Speed Signalling Links (HSL)
  • ITP MAP Proxy
  • Signalling Gateway Manager (SGM) Overview

Objectives and Pre-requisites

Course Objectives

  • Describe the ITP product, its features and deployment
  • Describe the current SS7 architecture, operations and protocols
  • Perform basic IOS operations
  • Describe the SS7oIP architecture, operations and protocols
  • Describe and configure Global Title Translation on the ITP
  • Design an ITP Network
  • Describe and configure ITP Multi-Instances
  • Describe and configure ITP Multi-Layer Routing
  • Maintain, Monitor and Troubleshoot the ITP product
  • Configure, monitor and troubleshoot SS7oIP (M2PA, M3UA, SUA)
  • Describe High Speed Signalling Links
  • Describe the ITP MAP Proxy feature
  • Use the Signalling Gateway Manager to monitor and troubleshoot the Cisco ITP product.


The knowledge and skills you must have before attending this course are as follows:

Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 1, Version 2.0 (ICND1)

Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 2, Version 2.0 (ICND2)

Classroom training
Duration: 4 days
Price: US$ ----
CLC: 30

Course Schedule:
Egypt, Cairo,  Jan 2015
Dubai,  Feb, 2015
Qatar, Doha, May 2015

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